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27 septembre

Board Meeting 22th September 2015 Report

Get involved We don't want PPI to be some remote organisation that is of no real relevance to the average Pirate. We want grass root Pirates to get involved. Pirate Parties International is looking for Pirates who want to make a difference on the global stage. We are looking for people (...)
31 août

Board Meeting 27th August 2015 Summary

Sunstone The Sunstone project which is to set up a Pirate Think Tank has appointed Jelena Jovanovic to lead the fund-raising campaign and run the social media The project has a URL and facebook and Twitter accounts. We will be bringing you updates on progress leading (...)
30 juillet

Board Meeting 28th July 2015 summary

We held our second board meeting in mumble and although it got off to a bit of a slow start we achieved quite a lot. Highlights are: 1) We changed the rules of procedure so that votes cast by the board in our Loomio group can be counted towards the regular board meetings. This is important as (...)
20 juillet

PPEU Has a New Board

Pirate Parties International is thrilled to see the new team that has been elected to lead PPEU in the near future. Smári McCarthy is one of the movements leading philosophers and is well suited to the role. He must be very pleased to chair a board with such a wide range of talent, vibrancy and (...)
16 juillet

From the Chair : Andrew's first report

To my surprise I have been elected to the Chair of Pirate Parties International. I put myself forward in order to encourage others to do the same and to my delight many Pirates did just that. The result is a new and diverse team with Pirates from nine countries around the globe and speakers of (...)
7 juin

Invitation for the initial set up for Standing Committees for PPI

Hi Pirates, as a way forwarded the Standing Committees shall meet for the first time. They are intended to bring in members initiatives as well as help PPI on the whole with its work and aims. We would be happy If you spread the information to your local teams as well to other interested (...)
30 mai

Invitation PPI General Assembly in Warsaw/Poland - 04th/05th of July 2015

Dear Pirates, we would like to invite you to the 2015 Pirate Parties International General Assembly which will be held on July 4th and 5th in Warsaw, Poland. During this conference, the General Assembly - PPI's highest body - will decide upon the admittance of new members to the PPI, (...)
20 mai

Pirate Summer 2015

Ahoi Pirates, We are happy to announce the first Pirate Summer event to be held this year at the beginning of august in Piotrowice Nyskie, Poland. It is the opportuninty for individual pirates to spend some vacations together, to get know each other better and to foster international (...)
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